Turf Management Solutions

Green Lawns l Programs

Tree and Shrub Protectant

Our lawn programs provide a variety of solutions based on your desired conditioning level. Our treatments and products are specifically selected to produce a high quality lawn, while minimizing our environmental impact. We are confident there’s a Greensward program that will suit your needs. 

Seven-Step Program
Conducted February through November and includes:
Grassy summer annual weed control
Broadleaf weed control
Organic fertilizer application
Lime application

Aeration & Seeding Program
With our program we make two passes with the aerator to relieve compaction in the soil, increase airflow, allow water to your lawns existing roots, and make room for new stronger roots to grow. This process includes an added bonus when it helps release built up gases from the soil which benefits the overall surrounding environment.  

Green Communities l Mosquito Control Program

Summer Fun Package (Optional Pollinator-Friendly Treatment Available)
Uses natural oils such as garlic and cedar to keep mosquitoes, ticks and chiggers at bay. Program includes 15 treatments, applied every two weeks, April through October.

Event Prep Treatment
Preparing for a special event? Let us make your lawn a pest-free oasis with this one-time treatment.

Green Landscapes l Ornamental Plant Protectants

This six-step program protects your ornamental landscaping from winter's elements and summer's pests. We utilize a combination of winter dormant oil, organic fertilizer, multiple summer pest control techniques and strategic application processes to keep our property pristine all year long while limiting the impact on our pollinators.

Additional Solutions:

  • Sedge weed control

  • Fungicide treatments

  • Soil testing with application recommendations

  • Conversions

  • Irrigation water sampling